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Our staff has over 125 years of experience in small market radio. We bring that background to everything we do.

Market Ad Server

A traffic system for your website

Market Interactive has the most advanced ad server on the market today, but you don’t need it because it's the most advanced. You need a version that matches the language and practices of radio traffic and salespeople. That’s exactly what we’ve created.

The Market Ad Server is simple. It is the best tool your operation will ever utilize to grow digital revenue marketing, expand relationships with advertisers, make better use of relevant content and reliably deliver results through a focused effort of promoting your own product.

In Tune With Small-Market Radio

If you don’t have separate Internet sales departments, don’t set separate rules. Cost-per-thousand is not how small/medium market radio determines rates, and cost-per-impression is not the most effective way to sell sites. When interactive media is a natural extension of the existing sales process the learning curve is minimized for both you and your clients.

The Advantages
Configuring Ad Position – We do the initial setup for you
Ad Server Training – Takes only 20-30 minutes
Sales Consultation – Real radio people with real answers
Bulletins – News on interactive media trends
Integration – Access to optional interactive tools

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The best source for ag related news

We organized the development of a web platform that provides continual and current Ag News. AgView.net publishes pertinent news articles, video interviews, podcasts, Weather, Ag Markets, Ag Auction listings, as well as weekly newsletter updates. You can literally get all your Ag news from AgView.

See what the hype is about
Visit AgView.net

Become an AgView Affiliate

Many radio stations have a heavy amount of listeners interested in Ag news, but it remains difficult for stations to keep them up-to-date. Affiliating with AgView provides stations an opportunity to add an Ag News page to their website and brag about it on the air. It also opens up potential Ag related ad spots for stations to sell. What's the catch? There is none. We want your customers to enjoy your product even more.

Affiliating with AgView Radio and/or AgView.net just takes a call. AgView Radio affiliates have complete options on the number of programs to air and can barter commercial time or pay a small cash affiliation fee for their market/cluster. Affiliation is with the market so stations are free to utilize programming on multiple stations at different times which gives operators additional sales and sponsorship opportunities. Programs are available through FTP download and are all short-form to flow into any format without disruption of formatic discipline.

AgView.net provides sales/sponsorship opportunities for radio station(s)’s websites through a dedicated ‘tab’ or through a subdomain option. Both options maximize revenue potential and relevant content for any format with the only requirement is promotion of the station(s)’s web.

The Advantages
More ad space that can target a specific demographic
Constantly updated Ag content for your site
Something you can brag about

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Radio Consultancy and Voice Work

Programming, on-air talent, sales, sales management, ag broadcasting, newscasting, voice-over, voice-tracking, commercial production, copy writing, technical upgrades, inventory analysis and rate reviews, training, website management, remotes (and occasionally trying our handing at some engineering/technical stuff which we won’t ever brag about) .. that’s a partial list of the experience that the Market Interactive Team has and is ready to work for you.

With over 100-years of combined broadcast experience, the Market Interactive Team will customize a support process for a particular project (such as revenue growth), on-going consulting, sales training and sales management training, overall operational efficiencies as well as helping you guide through the process if you’re looking to upgrade, remodel or relocate your broadcast operation.

We do not climb towers...but do admire those who can and do.

We also do commercial production – straight voice or expanded creative in cooperation with a professional recording studio in Lincoln, our voice-talents are ready to record.

We can provide station positioning audio cuts if you’re doing local voice-tracking or something similar. Need special intros for news, weather, sports, public affairs programming, etc.? Yup, we can do that.

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