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We strive hard to make things that make our client's lives easier. Here's some of the things we've built to make your life easier.

Premium Wordpress Hosting & Support

It is estimated that Wordpress powers almost 20% of of the web. Being such a popular platform, it is also one of the most attacked by hackers. Low-end hosts are able to charge very little because they don’t take responsibility for keeping each site that they host updated with security updates, and they typically put several sites on the same server, which reduces the amount of infrastructure they need but also makes it difficult for them to apply system-level software and security updates.

We won’t compete for the bottom tier of hosting. Our customers expect a level of service that makes us responsible for maintaining secure systems and updated software. We designed a process that allows us to isolate each site that we host, apply system and software updates to each site, and to update wordpress and its plugins on a regular basis for $99 per month.

Services included:
10GB storage, 1TB transfer
Wordpress security & version updates
Monthly system & security updates
Daily offsite database & file system backups

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Managed Site

Most of you would rather pay someone to change your oil than getting messy and doing it yourself. Why spend time learning the ins and outs of a CMS when you'd rather be focusing on your business? We believe that you shouldn't have to.

We can build, host, and manage a site for you.

Send us any updates or edits you want on your site and we'll make the necesarry changes within 24 hours. You get one free hour of our development time every month, if you need more heavy lifting, we can discuss a fee that is mutually beneficial for both parties. You can relax, we've got this.

A website that's being handled by the pros
1 hour of our time every month to handle your updates
Monthly system & security updates
Daily offsite database & file system backups

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Premium Server Monitoring

We can set up

Want more detail than 'my business is losing money?'
We can customize how much data you get, or how little. We can even help make sense of it!
Need graphs of server health, process health, or want to know what every part of everything is doing at all times?
We can help.

Performance monitoring

We offer all the basics. Want to know when your server goes down? Want to be notified if a process gets stuck? We can go as simple, or as granular as needed. (Don't worry, we can get you started without any hassles.)

The Advantages
‐ Log file management. The only thing worse than not knowing why your server keeps crashing, is not keeping logs tidy - and crashing your server.
‐ Data not only for alerting, but also to give your team a heads up before things go wrong.
‐ Ability to watch, alert, and get metrics on individual processes and webstacks.
‐ Worried about more than a server? We help watch your entire stack. From DNS down to individual requests.

Easy Configuration
‐ We can work with nearly any platform. It's our job to make this simple for you.
‐ We can field installation, or we can give you command to run to make it easy, depending on your needs.
‐ We can handle Linux, Windows, and the majority of things that run on them.
‐ Don't want to worry about doing it right, or missing something? Awesome. Our goal is to make this easy.

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